Coating Systems

Buildings in Central Florida are affected by the heat which is absorbed directly into the building via the roof. In order to keep these buildings cool owners have to deal with high air conditioning bills to control the heat.

Obviously this is incredibly expensive, especially in Florida where the heat can become unbearable at certain times during the day.

Buildings that have metal roofs are particularly prone to being overheated during the summer months. In order to help combat this reflective roof coating has become very popular. In fact many business owners with commercial buildings quickly found a considerable saving on cooling costs after installation. Some owners reported as much as 50%.

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So how can reflective roof coating help a business owner to save money? The first thing to think about when it comes to saving money with reflective roof coating is that it reflects heat from the roof lowering roof temperatures by as much as 60%. This is particularly important if the roof in question is a metal roof as these can reach staggering temperatures, around 180 degrees.

By simply coating a commercial metal roof in reflective coating the roof will absorb significantly less heat than an uncoated roof, making the building much cooler. This means that cooling costs will be lowered as the reflective coating does not allow as much heat to penetrate into the building. Which is why so many business owners are turning to reflective roof coating to help them. This will continue until the roof needs another coating, which can be anything up to 15 years. This type of coating lasts so long it is seen as a wise investment for buildings that have previously had large cooling and heating bills.