Polyurethane Foam

The Foam Roof System is a rigid and durable surface that you can walk on. A thick (typically 1.5″) closed-cell polyurethane waterproofing barrier seals the roof against leaks. Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is the only insulated roofing material that has no seams.

Foam roofing bonds around roof penetrations, such as pipes, vents and edges forming an monolithic seal around all your roof penetrations. Additionally, the existing roof surface can be tapered and built up in areas to eliminate ponding water and improve drainage. These features result in superior leak protection.

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Your roof system has more direct contact with sunlight and rain than any other part of your property. For this reason, selecting the right roof system has a lot of potential for saving energy and reducing maintenance expense. A Foam roof system should not only save energy, but also never wear out. Foam Roofs are truly renewable because as long as the upper coating layer is maintained, the roof will last the life of the building.

Recoating at five years is part of our maintenance plan. After this initial recoating…. Recoating once every 10 years keeps you foam roof functioning like new. Following this recommended System Maintenance Schedule yields long-term savings of over 75% by never having to re-roof again!