Orlando Roof Replacement Services

Orlando and most of Florida is hit hard by hurricanes and tropical storms each year. The high winds and heavy rains during these storms cause thousands upon thousands of dollars in roof damage to residential and business properties across the state. If you want to avoid unexpected expenses for roof damage and water damage caused by a storm, the best decision you can make is to replace your old roof.

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Why replace my roof when I can get a repair or roof-over?

The thought of replacing your residential or commercial roof may be overwhelming at first, but at Rizzo Roofing LLC, we encourage you to think about the short- and long-term benefits. While minor repairs can delay future damages, nothing can give you more peace of mind than a new roof.

Repairs and roof-overs can provide temporary prevention of storm damage; however, by tearing off your existing roof and replacing it, you have the ability to examine the roof deck for wood rot and other damage and can even lay down coating systems to lower your heating bills in the coming years. Only then can you have confidence in your roof’s ability to withstand heat, wind, and weather for the next couple of decades.