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When you are building a new home or are in need of a brand new roof in the Orlando area, look no further than Rizzo Roofing LLC. Our family-owned business has been serving the local community since 2005 and has the technology, tools, and experience to get the job done. In fact, our team has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. We offer a variety of quality products so that you can choose an option that meets your needs practically, aesthetically, and financially. Our team is here to install a new and beautiful roof for you quickly and for an affordable rate.


Our Roofing Services in Orlando

Our Roofing Services in Orlando

New installations need to be done right the first time in order to p Rizzo Roofing is recognized for doing the job right and for helping clients make the best product choices for their property requirements and budgets.


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If a roof is not correctly installed from the start, repairs will be needed far too soon in order to fix leaks, loose shingles or tiles, or any number of other costly issues.


Tile lasts a long time and it requires little maintenance. Originally made from clay, new tiles are being made from lighter materials, and lightweight metal tiles can be installed over existing roofs.


With solar energy systems you can VIRTUALLY ELIMINATE YOUR ELECTRIC BILL and start saving from day one. Not only do high-efficiency solar panels work harder for you day after day, they’ll also blend into your roof, thanks to the solar panel design.

Siding Systems

The ultimate combination of low maintenance, gorgeous style, and versatility, vinyl siding is a great choice for homes and businesses alike. Offering many styles to suit even the most discerning tastes, vinyl siding is extremely adaptable.


Gutters are a protective seal around your home or business, from the elements like water and erosion. Most owners don’t think about gutters until there are problems. We sincerely believe guttering is a critical part of your home or commercial business. Gutters serve as a drainage control system diverting water away from your foundation.

Heat Block

HeatBloc-ULTRA is a Radiant Barrier Coating, water-based, low emissivity (Low-E) product and an excellent replacement for foil or metallized plastic film radiant barriers. In many situations, HeatBloc-ULTRA is the only economical way to retrofit a radiant barrier since it may be safely applied in enclosed areas at a low cost.

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Rizzo Roofing has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and can install your new roof anytime during the year, regardless of the season or the weather. We have streamlined the process and use the most current technology and tools so that we can get the job done no matter what the circumstances. Our Orlando roofing professionals have handled projects of all sizes and levels of complexity with outstanding results.


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Our employees have more than 25 years of experience in roofing. They arrive on time and get the job done promptly and correctly so that your roofing services are handled in a stress-free manner. Read below to learn more about the services that we have to offer before you schedule your free initial estimate.

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